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About Fantanka

Fantanka is a women-led organisation that actively engage, promote mental well-being, and empower women, girls and young individuals with a greater focus on African-Caribbean heritage through culturally sensitive initiatives. Our commitment extends to supporting victims and holding perpetrators accountable for a world free from Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

At Fantanka, we are committed to creating positive change, promoting inclusivity, and working towards a future where all individuals thrive in an environment that values diversity, equality, and well-being.

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Gambia: We close gaps in sexual and reproductive health awareness, challenge gender inequalities, combat violence against women and girls and support victims through their healing process.

  • Diaspora: Empowering and linking BAME communities and migrants; fostering mental health, sexual and reproductive health rights, violence prevention, and justice.

Our Vision

Fostering a united global community where diversity is celebrated, and every individual, regardless of their location, enjoys equal opportunities for empowerment and well-being.

Support Our Mission

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